Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Cousin's Biz

My cousin, TJ, and a friend have started a great new business: Mother Earth Fundraising. They are just starting out, more products will be added.

I only became aware of fundraising businesses like this a few years ago when a girl in the neighborhood started coming around once a year with a catalog of cards and gift wrap, candles, etc., trying to collect orders. A portion of the sales was going to an organization at her school. My cousin's business is supplying recycled, organic and eco-friendly products for all kinds of non-profit fundraising, such as schools, little league sports teams, etc.

From their website:

Finally - your school or non-profit can 'Raise Money Responsibly' through our web-based fundraising program featuring exclusively eco-friendly products.

Mother Earth Fundraising strives to create an eco-friendly business model that is both sustainable and responsible for the consumer & environment by:

  • Featuring exclusively eco-friendly and organic products
  • Creating a near paperless company
  • Purchasing carbon-credits to offset all carbon created from order shipping and other operations
  • Packaging orders in recycled boxes & protect contents with eco-friendly materials
  • Encouraging groups to change their approach to traditional fundraising

We want to change the way non-profits approach fundraising. We’ve created a ‘responsible’ eco-friendly program that your group can be proud of:

  • We've eliminated tedious tasks: no catalogs, order forms, money collection, tallying or product distribution
  • Our program supplements, or replaces, current fundraisers
  • Your community will have access to our programs year-round in order to continuously support funding
  • Set a great example for students, parents, and your community!

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