Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sketching New Stamps

(Originally posted on Feb 2, 2008)

I am not working on Celtic designs after all. I am working on the leaf design I mentioned in the first post, as well as an idea for a swallow and some other design elements that will all hopefully end up with the same "feel" so that it is a coherent-looking stamp set.

I mentioned that I was working with a scanned image of the leaf stamp. I have "filled it in" a bit. Scanned that back in and will neaten it a bit. Will see how much more tweaking it will take:

And here is a scanned sketch of a swallow:

I looked at some photos of swallows in flight, but was also keeping in mind the stylized swallow designs for tattoos and jewelry which are currently very popular on Etsy. I am going back and forth between leaving the head at the current size, which is more true to life, and making it larger. I sketched in the outline of a larger head. Might just play with it a little in Gimp to see what it looks like with the larger head. Don't want it to look too cartoony, but I also don't want the image to be too "delicate". Especially with velvet in mind, I want the stamps to be on the bolder side.


Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie, I fell in love with your swallow. It´s a wonderful sketch. Thank you! Angie

Callie said...

I'm an artist and think your sketch is beautiful. I would love it as a tattoo as is. Can you email me please?

Inklings and Imprints said...

Thank you Angie and Callie!

Callie - I am unable to access any email information from your profile...

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love to tattoo the swallow sketch as is. Can you please email me?