Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Owl Shirt

Flickr photo, originally uploaded by audelaine.

I bought this shirt from

Complete impulse buy. One of her squid items was on a front page treasury, I clicked through to her shop and saw this guy and had to have it, especially since it was one of a kind. I couldn't be sure that someone else drawn into the shop via the cute squid item wouldn't snatch it up.

It is hand drawn onto the shirt (and criminally inexpensive given that fact). I'm wearing it now and love, love, love it, even if it has a torn up little mouse corpse... I just don't focus on that. Look into the owl's eyes...

I do feel a little more anxious about spilling something on the shirt (always a possibility), knowing that it is an original.

I love owls. I want a print of this owl. I want it on curtains. I want it on pillow cases, PJs and bags.

Maybe I wouldn't want the little corpse in there if it was on pillow cases.


J-Mi said...

I didn't even notice the mousie corpse! That shirt is incredible! Great Etsy find!

Inklings and Imprints said...

I know - did I already say that I LOVE it? Ha. I keep checking her shop to see what else she might post.

Holly! said...

Whoa! Awesome shirt!!!! I always find good Etsy stuff through strange ways haha.