Thursday, August 7, 2008


I changed the name and url of my blog once the name of my company was changed.

Unfortunately, my old blog url has since been grabbed up by some spammers and anyone who was subscribed to the old blog gets announcements when new spammy posts are put up.

Apologies - I can't control what goes out from anymore. I have flagged that blog, but once the individual or group who claims it now is gone, there is still no way to control who takes it next.

(Many thanks to Diann for the heads up - and she is in Floyd, VA.... I remember Floyd!)


SecretMe said...

pesky spammers, ahh well good luck with the new name though xoxo

Everwild said...

*wistful sigh* I'm really in Blacksburg, which isn't nearly as cool as Floyd. But, some day!

I updated my RSS feeder to your new blog, bookmarked the new website and am currently eyeballin' my next set of stamps. Sorry about the confusion. :P

Happy day!


Inklings and Imprints said...

Thanks, SecretMe - spammers are so ballsy and obnoxious! Wonder how long that content will be up.

Diann - Blacksburg is pretty cool. My partner just made a heap of whipped garlic, something I remember from a little Middle Eastern restaurant there. And I still have a projector from a great art store there. Thanks again for the heads up - no need to apologize for anything. You alerted me to something I had no idea about. And I've also learned how to bookmark blogs. Thanks!