Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Q: When is September not September?

A: When it is August.

RubberStampMadness Ad

Once upon a time I knew that monthly magazines typically come out a month earlier than the date on their cover. But I haven't subscribed to a monthly magazine for years - just tend to pick up magazines that catch my eye, one at a time. So I had forgotten this... had not remembered this fact the whole time we were prepping for our ad for the Sept/Oct issue of RubberStampMadness to come out.

Oops! Here it is! Got this in the mail yesterday.

RubberStampMadness Ad
We are right inside the front cover, which is very nice. We just weren't expecting the timing. Loden would have caught the error of my assumption, but when I said we had until September before the ad came out, he assumed that I knew that that was when it would actually be available.

So... we are still plugging away at more stamp sets. More will come within a few weeks, they just won't predate or coincide with the appearance of our first magazine ad. C'est la vie!



Edie said...

I just found you in RSM and I'm making a purchase! I'm so glad you came out early - You're bookmarked and blogmarked!

zebulon NC

Inklings and Imprints said...

Wonderful - thanks so much for letting me know!


Inklings and Imprints said...

Oh - and please let me know if you have any problems with ordering.