Monday, April 13, 2009

The fairy portals and little surprises

Order from Claybykim

I meant to post about the portals I ordered from Claybykim once they arrived, but got caught up in a number of other things. Click on the images to see more on Flickr.

They are even more "wee" and detailed then I was expecting. I'm very happy with them.

And I found two other surprises in the package:

Order from Claybykim

These arrow shaped pendant are also made from polymer clay and our Celtic Knotwork Triangles and Triskeles stamp set.


Kala Pohl Studio said...

I love getting surprises - so special, lovely pendants:)

Rachel said...

The portals look awesome! What a cute idea :)

Inklings and Imprints said...

Yeah - not anything I would have thought of, but it works well.