Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going down... Part 1

It's all right

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Jan 17, 2011: Down the South Kaibab trail to Phantom Ranch at the base of the Grand Canyon. Both of us with our crampons (pull-on spikes for ice) - Galina's strapped onto her platform shoes.

Picture 049

First stretch of trail was sloppy, wet, snowy and icy, with green manure from the mule trains mixed in.

Picture 075

Picture 096

Temps went up as we went down - trail is very sun exposed, and it is simply warmer farther down the canyon.

Looks like a monolithic hearth

Colors, textures and shape of the rocks and formations change too, as you go down through layers.

Picture 126

Breaking photos from this hike out into a few sets, loosely grouped based on differences between a few levels of the canyon. The next set will pick up in an area where everything seems very olive yellow/green for a bit.

Picture 160

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