Saturday, March 15, 2008

Berry and Leaf Rubber Stamp Set... Almost There

Berries and Leaves Rubber Stamp Sheet

I think I am almost ready to send in the file for the next stamp sheet set, which is based on the images I've been working on (and posting about).

On my Flickr account I've posted other images that I have been working on that will probably feed into the 4th rubber stamp sheet that will be appropriate for use with velvet and clay. Probably more of the nature/leaf theme.

Green Man Stamp Design Ferny Leaf Frond Reverse Value Leaf Design

I may have a sheet ready before that, though, which will be smaller, more delicate images of fairies and elves. I am trying to get things ready for a submission deadline and that has made me rethink my priorities. Initially, I was assuming that I would focus on stamps that can be used for more than paper, but this project came up and I decided I would give it a try.

I will post about that next.

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