Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fairy and elf stamps

Shelf Elf  - Fairy image

As I mention in the last post, I have been working on designs for a rubber stamp sheet that may not be that appropriate for clay and velvet. I learned about a submission deadline for a magazine and I decided I would try to create a set within their stated theme.

Windy fairy/elf

I feel a bit out of practice - used to trying to create bolder more solid images - and I do sometimes wonder how "cute" I want to go with things. Ha. Shall see.

I've loaded images of the different fairies and sprites in progress onto my Flickr account. I go into some detail about the images in the description. Suppose I should have saved that text for the blog. Oops.

I've started pasting patterned layers under the images, as well as putting "watermarks" above the images. I've just been advised by so many people to take these kinds of precautions when putting things online. I know that it makes it less pleasant to look at... may try to figure something else out in the future.

I did mean to mean to work on more images today, but have spent so much time getting this blog back in order and loading things on Flickr!

Ah well...

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