Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clay Pendants

Willow Tree Designs (username Adornyourself on Etsy) posted some more pendants made using the fish stamp... You can click each image to get to the listings.

Update 8.16.08: The listings are no longer there - pulled down for some reason. The photo links now lead to larger images on Flickr.

Fish tail ceramic pendant Green fish tail clay pendant

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David said...

Hi. Just wanted to say I like your blog and the rubber stamps are awesome. I looked at some of your stamps in your etsy shop and I really liked the triangle celtic stamp. If I were more into stamping I would buy it, but I'm afraid it would end up sitting in a box for months at a time like my other stamps. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I found your blog on a plugboard and you are welcome to come plug your blog on my site as well. I'm also making a list of websites and blogs that offer plugboards (only the really good ones like yours) and your blog will be the first one I'm linking to on that page..... that way I'll remember to keep checking out your blog. Who knows I may end up getting a stamp or two from you sometime. Thanks for letting me plug your board :-)