Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 City Promotional Swap

AlwaysAmy, a seller on Etsy, had the idea of having a group of people send one another their promotional materials (business cards, etc.) so that each participant could post in their local area and have their promos posted in 9 other cities.

I was just away on vacation, visiting family in Massachusetts. I posted some of the materials I received in a great and funky consignment shop called "The Dress Code" on Main Street in Gloucester (yes, home of "The Perfect Storm" and the mythical teen pregnancy pact). The shop was very busy while I was there.

Cassette tape promo: AlwaysAmy

I came home to upstate NY to find one more envelope of materials in my mailbox. I'll be posting these and the remaining materials on bulletin boards around Ithaca as I do errands later this week.

And I only just NOW realized that I didn't post my own materials there. Whoops!

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