Friday, August 22, 2008

Alter Ego

I am also Sew Mizz... compulsive collector of things-crafts-related.

Sad truth: the first few times I needed to use an actual moving truck to move house was not because of furniture, but because of loads and loads of fabric and arts and crafts supplies.

I could justify it a bit when I was operating as Maggie Bags, but I phased out of that, for the most part, years ago... and the fabric, patterns, notions, etc., are all still with me. Then I came into possession of the sewing pattern collection of a woman who had been sewing for decades. I just couldn't seem to help myself - certainly couldn't let great vintage patterns go to waste.

I started selling patterns on the inkandescence Etsy shop last autumn. As we started adding our stamps to the shop, it seemed a bit crowded, so I created the SewMizz shop for the sewing and other craft patterns, fabrics, etc.

Really, I "should" simply be using the site to move items I already own out of the house... but then I get feedback from people who say that they have found patterns in my shop that they have been looking for for years, or that a pattern is perfect for some event they have coming up. So when I go by yard sales or see patterns for sale in other venues, I can't seem to resist having a look and seeing if there is anything interesting, any out of print patterns people may be looking for.

So my collection grows... Hundreds of patterns, although I am better about not buying so much fabric. Still have bolts and boxes and boxes to go through. I will just have to keep up with posting items. Difficult... every time I look at a piece of fabric I can remember what I thought about making out of it - even if I purchased it over 10 years ago.

Will have to be more brutal about it.

Happy crafting

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