Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to Freecycle

Never heard of it?

It's a way for people to post items they no longer want/need and offer them for free to others in their area. It saves items from going into the trash (and in some areas, you have to pay per pound of garbage you put out).

Items large and small... Someone just picked up a loveseat from me and I'm told it will be going into a classroom as a snuggle place for when kids want to read a book. I have a friend who found a beautiful wrought metal bed through Freecycle.

I've given away used clothing, unused unopened hair dye and other items. I've picked up pots for plants, storage racks, a roof vent, etc..

I think and hope it will only grow in popularity for economic and environmental reasons. I also think it is a great community-building phenomenon.

If there isn't a Freecycle group operating in your area you could help start one up (see their site), or you can try posting on Craigslist - they have a Free section as well.

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