Sunday, December 7, 2008

Embossed Velvet Pillow Cover

Embossed Velvet Pillow Cover

Created this pillow cover for a tutorial for a magazine. Now the publishing has been pushed back a bit. I am tempted to post the tutorial on and just come up with a new one for the magazine instead... except I know it would end up as another last-minute frantic effort.

Now on our Etsy shop. More photos up on our Flickr account.

Embossed Velvet Pillow Cover
"18 x 18 inch throw pillow cover. Dark turquoise acetate/rayon velvet front, sage green Dupioni silk envelope back. Dry clean only.

Hand-embossed mainly using stamps from our Celtic Knotwork Triple Twists rubber stamp set:

Also using bubbles, droplets, and triskeles, from our Celtic Knotwork and Fish, Waves and Bubbles sheet:

The embossed images are created using heat, producing crisp, sunken and iridescent images that can appear shadowy or very reflective depending upon the angle.

For more information about the velvet embossing process:

Note: We "tiled" a number of the stamps at once - we arranged them on a large block so that they were all heat embossed at once. The stamps that are very close together were not embossed in succession.

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W. J. St. Christopher said...

I'm traveling back in time to say this is just gorgeous! I love velvet, anyway, and this color is just . . . yum!